Use Mind Over Matter To Change Your Life

Many people doubt the claims that you can change your own circumstances easily. In fact, most people believe that your current lot in life is the one you are stuck with. Understanding what ‘mind over matter’ is all about will change your outlook on life.

The truth is everything you have and all the things you would rather have are all mind over matter. Everyone on the planet has the capacity to master the principle of mind over matter, but you need to understand how to use your mind power to do it.

One of the ways you can begin to develop using mind over matter is to practice turning your negative thoughts into positive affirmations. Spend some time thinking about what it means to control every aspect of your life with your thoughts. You could bring about a better job, more money, happier relationships, a healthier body and a happier disposition easily when you know how.

Now think about the things in your life you are happy for. You might be proud of your achievements, pleased with your home, happy with your relationship. Each of these circumstances are also a direct result of your mind’s power. After all, you made the choices that resulted in these things being in your life.

If you could master the mind over matter powers that could bring you more of the good things and less of the negative things, would you be interested?

A good example would be to use mind over matter techniques by repeating to yourself several times a day something that you may not believe, such as “I love my job, my co-workers, and my boss”.

No matter how much you disagree with that statement, just try it. Eventually, you will begin to believe it, quite like those negative thoughts that have been bombarding your mind all these years.

You can easily see that everything is mind over matter once you take a step back and examine your previous experiences. Take for example someone who has been through a violent and abusive relationship. If they have been called names such as fat and stupid, eventually, if they remain in that relationship, their self-esteem will come soaring down.

You will begin to see that everything in your life is mind over matter once you take a step back and think about your previous choices and decisions. Take for example a person who has been through a violent or abusive relationship. If those people have been told repeatedly they are fat or stupid or useless, eventually they’ll believe it. Their self-esteem will come crashing down.

If only more people knew that their destiny lies in their hands (and minds of course), there would be less sadness and failure.

The mind can do amazing things. Scientists

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believe that humans use only 10% of their brain power. The remaining 90% is sitting latent in your skull, waiting for an opportunity to exert the power to create a life of abundance and joy.

It really is possible to live a life of joy and abundance once you have mastered the principles of mind over matter.

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